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Fraudsters Use AI to Sell Fake Pirated Pre-Release Tracks, Universal Music Warns * TorrentFreak

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In common with most technologies, Artificial Intelligence can be used for both good and bad. Universal Music Group says that it recognizes its full potential. The company uses AI for marketing, production, and security, but also cautions against misuse. The label says that fraudsters are generating and selling fake ‘pre-release tracks’ of popular artists for thousands of dollars.

universal music groupuniversal music groupArtificial intelligence has the potential to make our lives more efficient, entertaining, and productive.

On the flip side, it also presents several threats. This ranges from complex existential worries to concerns about AI-related copyright infringement, which is already widespread.

Tthese copyright concerns will be discussed next month at a meeting of WIPO’s Advisory Committee on Enforcement, where several stakeholders will present their thoughts. This includes Universal Music Group (UMG), which sees both the good and bad aspects of this rapidly developing technology….

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