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French Torrent Giant YggTorrent Goes Private * TorrentFreak

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YggTorrent, the largest francophone torrent community, is no longer available as a public site. After going private, only registered users can access the site now. The change comes just a few weeks after new blocking measures were put in place in France. By going private and processing takedown notices, the site’s operators hope to shake off their copyright troubles, at least as far as that’s possible.

ygg logoMost of the larger pirate sites serve a global audience, but many countries have their local favorites too. In France, that’s YggTorrent, Ygg for short.

The torrent site is not a typical torrent indexer. Ygg sees itself as a community instead, one with a dedicated tracker, something that’s quite rare these days. The site was founded in 2017, to fill the gap left behind when T411 shut down.

With millions of monthly visits, the site also made it onto the radar of rightsholders. Hollywood’s MPA recently listed YggTorrent in its annual…

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