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Game Cheat Copyright Questions Referred to EU’s Top Court * TorrentFreak

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After more than a decade of litigation in Germany, key questions emerging from a Sony lawsuit targeting cheat maker Datel have been referred to Europe’s highest court. The lawsuit concerns cheat mechanisms created for Sony’s long-dead Playstation Portable that affected gameplay but ran alongside copyrighted code without directly modifying it.

pspBack in the 1980s, all computer nerds were familiar with Datel. The company produced peripherals for the 8-bit computers of the day, including RAM packs, keyboards, joystick interfaces, even sound samplers.

Datel’s venture into the new world of videogame cheat devices was more controversial. The company’s Action Replay range battled against Codemasters’ Game Genie, with the latter eventually backing out of the market. Datel went on to release products for mainstream consoles, facing legal action on the way.

One of those lawsuits saw Sony Computer and Entertainment sue Datel in Germany over…

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