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German Pirate Sites Get Their Long Awaited Blocklist Entry * TorrentFreak

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As part of a voluntary agreement with copyright holders, German Internet providers block a list of structurally infringing websites. Recently, and were added to the blocklist, bringing the total number to fourteen. The goal of this scheme is to tackle online piracy but, in this case, the blockade didn’t come as a surprise.

filmfansTwo years ago, German Internet providers agreed to voluntarily block the most egregeous pirate sites.

The ISPs teamed up with copyright holders and launched the “Clearing Body for Copyright on the Internet” (CUII), which is in charge of handing down blocking ‘orders’.

While CUII doesn’t rely on court judgments, there is some form of oversight. When copyright holders report a pirate site, a review committee first checks whether the domain is indeed linked to a website that structurally infringes copyrights.

Targeting Structurally Infringing Sites

If a website overwhelmingly hosts…

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