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GitHub Takes Down Cloudstream APK Code Repo Following MPA Complaint * TorrentFreak

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The Motion Picture Association sees the open-source Android app Cloudstream as a gateway to pirated streams. This week, the anti-piracy group successfully removed two ‘infringing’ code repositories from GitHub but a stripped-down version of the application remains unscathed.

cloudstream logoLegal video streaming services such as Amazon, Disney, and Netflix are booming. At the same time, there’s a flourishing dark market of pirate streaming tools.

These unauthorized alternatives increasingly use slick designs and easy-to-use apps to appeal to a broad audience. And unlike the legal options, they offer all popular titles under the same roof, without charging a penny.

Cloudstream is one of the apps that made its mark in recent years. The Android-based software can aggregate pirated content from several third-party streaming sources and is fully customizable through open-source extensions.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed by rightsholders. Sky UK targeted the…

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