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Google Bans ‘Downloader’ Again Following Markscan DMCA Notice * TorrentFreak

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Close to seven years online and after more than 50 million installs, in May 2023 Android app ‘Downloader’ was removed from Google Play following a baseless copyright complaint. The app was restored three weeks later by which time Downloader had lost almost half its userbase. A few hours ago, Google suspended Downloader again in response to a substantially deficient takedown notice filed by anti-piracy outfit Markscan.

downloader-logodownloader-logoCreated by software developer Elias Saba and released on the Amazon Appstore in November 2016, ‘Downloader’ offered two things; an empty URL field and a download button.

Downloader was intentionally basic but as a former Fire TV Product Manager at Amazon, Saba knew that a simple tool to transfer files would solve a fundamental shortcoming. Over 50 million installs of Downloader to date speak for the software’s popularity but in May 2023, progress came to a screeching halt.

Several Israeli TV companies filed a DMCA complaint

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