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Google & Cloudflare Must Share Traffic Stats in Manga Piracy Case * TorrentFreak

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Several major manga publishers are trying to recoup millions of dollars in damages from the operator of Mangamura, which was once the largest manga piracy site. To substantiate their claim in a Japanese lawsuit, the publishers took a detour through a U.S. court that recently granted a subpoena, requiring Google and Cloudflare to share traffic stats and other personal data.

mangaManga comics have always been popular on pirate sites but where other categories have seen stalled growth, manga piracy boomed.

This unauthorized activity has not gone unnoticed by publishers, who’ve made it clear that piracy will not be tolerated, especially in Japan.

Publishers are tackling the problem by ramping up enforcement. This recently led to a major success when a Cloudflare probe helped to shut down 13DL, Japan’s largest pirate site.

Mangamura Shutdown

These enforcement efforts are intensifying but they are not new. Back in 2019, Japanese authorities

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