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Google Removes Pirate IPTV Services From UK Search Results * TorrentFreak

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Acting on a notice from Sky, Google has removed the websites of several pirate IPTV services from its UK search results. The domain names in question were previously blocked by local Internet providers in response to a High Court order. The recent action shows that Google’s cooperation with rightsholders goes beyond targeting traditional pirate sites that host or link to pirated content directly.

white noiseThe United Kingdom is no stranger to website blocking.

The High Court granted permission for a blockade against Newzbin2 in 2011; The Pirate Bay and numerous other targets were blocked soon after.

A rough inventory carried out by TorrentFreak recently revealed that blocked domains, including subdomains, now exceed 10,000 separate targets. That’s a conservative estimate.

While people can still access pirate sites in the UK, it’s not as easy as it once was. The blocking efforts mainly make it harder for casual pirates to find content. To…

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