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Here’s How to Fix * TorrentFreak

qbittorrent-logoWhile BitTorrent client functionality hasn’t fundamentally changed over the past 20 years, developers of leading clients haven’t let their software stagnate.

A good example is the excellent qBittorrent, a feature-rich open source client which still receives regular updates. In common with similar clients, qBittorent can be found on GitHub along with its source and installation instructions.

Elsewhere on the same platform, users were recently trying to work out how a standard qBittorrent install suddenly led to the appearance of unwanted cryptocurrency mining software on the same machine.

Proxmox and LXC

For those unfamiliar with Proxmox VE, it’s an environment for virtual machines that once tried becomes very useful, extremely quickly. It’s also free for mere mortals and in most circumstances, very easy to install and get up and running.

tteck-proxmoxWith help from various Proxmox ‘helper scripts’ offered by tteck on GitHub (small sample to the right), even beginners can install…

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