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High Court: YouTube-Ripping is Illegal. UK National Newspaper: Totally Legal * TorrentFreak

RipperGiven the popularity of YouTube and the huge number of websites and apps that allow people to rip music from the platform, the conflict surrounding ‘stream-ripping’ shouldn’t be underestimated.

Downloading a track takes about the same time as a shrug of the shoulders followed by an internal “who cares?” Multiply that by hundreds of millions of people shrugging several times a week, and the answer is “the recording industry, big time.”

Stream-Ripping and Public Perception

Many people in the UK, especially younger people, believe that listening to music on YouTube and ripping songs from YouTube are broadly the same thing. Both options are free; what’s the problem? Strangely, the value of ‘likes’ and ‘views’ is comprehensively understood when the topic of conversation isn’t centered on ripping music from YouTube.

The reasons for that disconnect aside, lots of people do ask questions. “Is it legal to download music from YouTube?” is always popular, along…

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