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Highly Anticipated Movie Piracy Lawsuit Settled On The Eve of Trial * TorrentFreak

juryOver the past several years, adult entertainment company Strike 3 Holdings has filed thousands of copyright cases in U.S. federal courts.

These lawsuits target people whose Internet connections were allegedly used to download and share copyright-infringing content via BitTorrent.

Rare File-Sharing Trial

Many of these cases result in private settlements and are never heard of again. On occasion, however, a defendant decides to push back. A case that was initially filed against a “John Doe” in Florida, made it all the way to the final trial preparations.

It’s unusual for such a file-sharing case to be so heavily litigated since that’s quite costly for both sides. The prospect of a potential jury trial is even rarer, but neither Strike 3 nor the defendant, who was later named as John Adaire, wanted to give in.

The case has plenty of nuances but, in essence, the main question was whether Adaire downloaded and shared 36 of Strike 3’s porn videos without permission. According…

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