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Hollywood, Netflix, Amazon & Apple Sue “Rogue Cyberlocker” * TorrentFreak

doodstreamThe Motion Picture Association’s interest in file-hosting platform DoodStream first came to light in a submission to the USTR in October 2022.

The MPA described DoodStream as a video hosting service offering free storage and premium services including priority encoding and an ad-free experience. Videos uploaded to the platform were embedded on many other streaming sites, the MPA reported, and as a result, traffic was booming.

The MPA estimated the site received 82.7 million visits in August 2022, while using the services of DDoS-Guard in Russia and OVH in France.

“DoodStream operates a partner program that offers financial remuneration, either per download or stream depending on the country of origin,” the MPA informed the USTR in its ‘notorious markets’ submission.

DoodStream ratesdoodstream-partner

A year later in a new submission to the USTR, the MPA described DoodStream as a ‘top priority’ for its anti-piracy efforts.

DoodStream in the Spotlight

In its October 2023 submission to…

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