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Hollywood Steps Up Anime Piracy War and Battles Domain-Hopping Evaders * TorrentFreak

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The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment will increase pressure on sites contributing to rampant piracy of Japanese anime running to billions of illicit views per year. DMCA subpoenas filed in the United States reveal three new anime targets, several persistent domain-hopping evaders, and an interesting new entrant hoping to emulate one of the most resilient pirate sites.

targetDozens of times each year, global anti-piracy coalition Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment files DMCA subpoena applications at a court in California.

Once obtained, these are served on service providers, mostly Cloudflare, requesting personal information on pirate site operators. While the quality of supplied information varies, the number of applications suggests that the world’s largest entertainment companies do indeed obtain valuable intelligence from the process.

Under the banner of Hollywood’s MPA, ACE returned to court again this week, seeking…

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