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Hollywood Takes Down Animeflix, Vegamovies and Others With Broad Anti-Piracy Order * TorrentFreak

animeflixPirate sites and services are a major problem for rightsholders and can be challenging to deal with. In India, however, recent court orders have proven to be quite effective.

Indian courts have issued pirate site blocking orders for over a decade. In recent years, these have transformed into a powerful legal tool, allowing rightsholders to protect existing and future works with relative ease.

More recent orders are not limited to ISP blocking, domain name registrars are also required to act. These broad injunctions, partly shaped by Hollywood companies such as Netflix, Disney, and Universal, are starting to have an impact globally.

In February, we reported that an Indian dynamic+ court order had targeted several prominent pirate sites, including and The injunction, issued by the New Delhi High Court, required local ISPs to block access to the domains. In addition, domain name registrars were required to take action.

The domain blocking efforts are limited…

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