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“Home Alone” Enjoys Seasonal Piracy Spike as Christmas Draws Near * TorrentFreak

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After 33 years, “Home Alone” remains one of the most watched movies around Christmas. The film is also the absolute favorite Christmas classic on pirate sites. Newly collected data show that the seasonal interest begins at the end of November and typically reaches its peak at the end of the year.

People who pirate movies may be more likely to show psychopath traits; they are not immune to seasonal traditions.

As the days get shorter, downloads of specific pirated movies start to increase. This includes Christmas classics such as Home Alone, The Grinch, and Elf.

In 2022 we revealed that Home Alone is by far the most pirated Christmas classic and a year later, that hasn’t changed. As a follow-up, we now take a closer look at the seasonal download, reaching an unexpected conclusion.

Hark! The Downloads Spike

After sifting through weeks of torrent download data with help from Iknow, we can conclude that interest in Home Alone starts to pick up in…

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