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Hope For Hollywood? Vietnam Police Raid Movie Piracy Group, Three Arrested * TorrentFreak

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Police in Vietnam say they have arrested three people behind at least three websites that offered pirated movies and anime content for online streaming. It’s claimed that the alleged 30-year-old ringleader launched the operation in 2019 and was assisted by people he recruited online. Action of this type is rare in Vietnam and may offer Hollywood a glimmer of hope that a wider crackdown sits somewhere on the horizon.

vietnam bilutvtvietnam bilutvtVietnam’s approach to the protection of intellectual property rights has long been criticized by the United States, earning the country prominent placement in successive USTR Special 301 Reports.

With the world’s largest online piracy operations now publicly linked to Vietnam, Hollywood has been urging authorities to take meaningful enforcement action. A criminal complaint against the operator of had previously offered some optimism but for reasons that still aren’t clear, local authorities…

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