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How a 1980s Hacker Became Nintendo’s Nemesis Decades Later * TorrentFreak

garyMore than forty years ago in the early eighties, Texas Instruments home computers were all the rage.

The world wide web didn’t exist yet and most people interested in these new devices saw themselves as tinkerers or hackers.

These original ‘hackers’ tried to put the hardware to use in ways that others hadn’t envisaged. This was also the case for a Canadian teenager named Gary Bowser, who founded the company “Oasis Pensive Abacutors” (OPA) in March of 1985, a few months before the Nintendo Entertainment System was released in America.

These Oasis Pensive Abacutors had absolutely nothing to do with the successful gaming console, but Bowser would later become one of Nintendo’s largest threats. Under the nickname GaryOPA, Bowser was affiliated with the infamous Team-Xecutor, a group that Nintendo claimed had caused millions of dollars in losses.

Decades after launching his first computer company, Gary was living in the Dominican Republic, serving as a webmaster and…

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