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How Facebook & Broadcasters Kill Live Pirate Streams * TorrentFreak

facebookliveFor reasons that make absolutely no sense while somehow making perfect sense, millions of internet users think that social media platforms are perfect for piracy.

Social media platforms like Facebook are admittedly quick and easy, but such positives are quickly overwhelmed by extraordinary privacy issues, not to mention centralized control. Nevertheless, the masses love quick and easy so in common with similar platforms everywhere, social media has a piracy problem.

Partners Against Piracy

This week Meta and Italian broadcaster RTI announced the signing of a multi-year partnership that will attempt to prevent the latter’s TV content from being pirated on Meta platforms. According to RTI, the companies will “collaborate on the implementation of a set of tools and systems” to protect RTI’s copyrighted content, including its live TV broadcasts.

The odds of Meta/Facebook implementing systems that only benefit RTI seem slim, but it may be possible to identify areas for…

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