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How Future YouTube Policies Affect Today’s Creativity & Tomorrow’s Income * TorrentFreak

dbtechdbtechHaving networked computers at home used to be called…well, having networked computers at home. As a description, it’s both accurate and boring, something that cannot be said about having a ‘homelab’.

“A home lab, or simply lab,’ is a personal space where technology enthusiasts, professionals, and hobbyists can experiment with various hardware and software. From virtual machines to your own server, a home lab offers endless possibilities,” says Brandon Lee of VirtualizationHowto, one of many sites publishing tutorials aimed at the surging homelab scene.

David Burgess runs the DB Tech channel on YouTube, where he publishes tutorials on technologies relevant to homelabs and self-hosting in general, such as Docker, Portainer, Proxmox, and Pi-Hole, to name just a few. The almost universal common denominator among channels like David’s is the absence of piracy, because you can’t pirate software that developers happily give away for free.

To that background, a new video…

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