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How Premier League’s IPTV Piracy Blocking Was Undermined * TorrentFreak

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Pirate IPTV subscribers in the UK face a continual threat of their streams going down during a crucial Premier League game or a big boxing event. VPNs can mitigate these outages but behind the scenes IPTV providers also work hard to prevent streams being blocked. Until now, these efforts have never been discussed in public but today we can reveal how Flawless IPTV was able to undermine the Premier League’s blocking program and remain online.

footballIn the wake of the 30+ year prison sentences handed down to the people behind Flawless IPTV, we’ve been exploring various aspects of the service’s operations and the extraordinary effort expended by the Premier League to bring Flawless down.

While no single facet of Flawless’ operations can explain why such punitive sentences were considered appropriate, the emphasis on the service’s efforts to undermine the Premier League’s ISP blocking program played no small part.

One of the key aims…

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