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How Seized Firesticks in a Plastic Bag Opened Up a Pirate Rabbit Hole * TorrentFreak

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When piracy-related news is delivered via press release, the information provided is rarely enough to fully understand the bigger picture. Whether for legal or commercial reasons, details can be frustratingly scarce or in some cases, simply a bit one-sided. That means looking for more interesting information elsewhere or even stumbling upon it, completely by chance.

binocularsbinocularsHere at TF we track a lot of lawsuits, not to mention buy, research, and then ultimately report on them. While that can be a lot of work, in the United States detailed information is mostly easy to find.

The same can’t always be said when piracy-related news is made available by various third-parties, often with a commercial interest in how information is presented. Through selective emphasis, useful information may not even be presented at all.

As a result, indirect yet open sources of information are increasingly important, not necessarily to report directly in public, but to…

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