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How to Take the Best Possible Pictures of Yourself

In today’s world, taking pictures of yourself is more important than ever. We take and share billions of photos a year, with people regularly uploading pictures of themselves to all kinds of social media platforms. Being able to take good pictures is necessary if you want to look good on your favourite platform, and it may help in other areas too.

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Taking selfies has become something of an art form. While you don’t need to be a professional photographer to take good shots of yourself, there are steps you can take. In this guide, we’ll share some of the best selfie tips. However, if you want some truly excellent photos of yourself, it’s worth getting a photo studio hire and getting some professional shots done.

Use a Tripod

The tripod is a big tool in the professional photographer’s arsenal. It allows you to set up the perfect angle and take a picture without worrying about the camera shaking around. If you’re used to taking selfies with your phone, you’ll know how difficult it is to get your whole body at the right angle. This is where the tripod comes in. You can set it up and take photos from a better distance, ensuring you look proportional in the picture.

One thing to note is that when you’re using a tripod, you’ll need to set your phone to take a picture on a timer or use some other means to take the picture without pressing a button. This will ensure you can set everything up and not have to be behind the camera when the shutter goes off.

Consider Composition

One of the most important aspects of photography is composition, which is essentially how the different areas of the photo go together. A common rule that photographers use is the rule of thirds, which is where you divide the photo into three equal parts such as top, middle and bottom. You then take the photo to ensure that there’s a feature you want to highlight in one of those three sections.

If you’re unsure of the best composition to use, play around a bit with different angles and positions. Find what works best for you and stick to that, but be sure that you’re using the rule of thirds to highlight the thing you want to stand out.

Practice Facial Expressions

Smiling and making natural facial expressions for the camera can be a challenge. It doesn’t come easy for anyone, and the key is to practice it. >If you want to smile, think about something funny or something that you like that makes you smile. Make these expressions in the mirror so you can see how they look, and practice them over and over again.

In time, you’ll get much better at making the right expression on demand, and you’ll be able to use them to take the perfect selfie. Remember to always be genuine, as it comes across much better in a photo, allowing your selfies to look more natural.

Use the Right Lighting

The position, intensity and colour of lighting make a big difference to how a photo looks and can transform your selfie entirely. Natural light almost always looks best, but strong sunlight often doesn’t look good. Pay attention to the angle and position of the sun, and move around to get a feel for how it looks.

Ideally, you want to minimise the shadows in areas under your nose and eyes, and these will often make you look older. Having light directly on your face can resolve this, provided it’s not too intense. If you’re indoors, try to take pictures near a window, making sure that the light source isn’t behind you.

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