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I did some Christmas Shopping on TEMU… Here’s what I got

Download the Temu App: to get 50% off (for app new users) or search code【dkh6983】on Temu App to claim

Shop my picks:
Mini UFO Drone £6.99💰

Unique 1st Home Christmas Ornament £3.19💰

Plastic Automatic Pet Water Bowl £15.49💰

Children’s Air Powered Soft Bullet Gun £20.99💰

Fall Wreath Wreath Hat £7.99💰

Cleaning Glue/slime £2.79💰

Christmas Tree Wood Tray For Serving Food £3.49💰

Super Bright Mini COB Keychain Flashlights £1.69💰

Christmas Shoe Charms For Crocs £2.99💰

Noodle Storage Box £2.43💰

Dogs Halloween costume £8.99💰

5 Packs Candy Canes Outdoor Decorations Light £11.49💰

RC Car £16.49💰

Tetra Tower game £3.15💰

Christmas Snowman jumper/sweatshirt £10.99💰

Pieces Of Nano Glue £7.99💰

Boho Style Artificial Pampas Grass £3.19💰

Christmas Gingerbread Man Wreath £12.49💰

Christmas Tree Earrings £3.49💰

Christmas Elk Building Blocks £5.49💰

Phone Stand £4.49💰

Sliding Wrapping Paper Cutter £1.09💰

Christmas pillow cases £8.99💰

Lizard mask game £3.83💰

Welcome Christmas Gnomes Flag £2.99💰

Santa wooden Christmas decoration £2.99💰

Creative LED Night Light £3.59💰

Christmas table cloth £5.99💰

Vegetable Chopper £7.99💰

Mini Christmas Santa Hats for Cutlery £1.09💰

Artificial Flower £2.99💰

Easy Limescale Eraser Bathroom Glass Rust Remover Rubber Eraser Household Kitchen Cleaning Tools For Pot Scale Rust Brush £1.53💰

Christmas Elk Sleigh Decoration £1.79💰

Head hoop basket ball £6.99💰

Christmas Letter Print Pullover Sweatshirt £9.49💰

Double Layer Flannel Blanket £18.99💰

Christmas glass cup £10.99

Temu offers:
-Free Shipping and free returns for up to 90 days
-AfterPay & Secure Payment to all customers

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