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Identity Verification For Online Services, VPN Bypass Advice a Crime * TorrentFreak

SpySince its invasion of Ukraine in February, Russian Members of Parliament and lawmakers have taken turns to see who can come up with the most aggressive anti-Western legislative proposals.

Suitably dressed-up in anti-American, anti-European rhetoric, plans to let everyone in Russia pirate Western content came early. While obvious to everyone else right from the beginning, the proposals were fundamentally flawed.

If Russians were allowed to gorge on free, high-quality foreign content, incentives to pay for Russian content would find themselves all but eliminated. Not only do local creators rely on that revenue for food and clothing, it also helps to prevent the collapse of Russia’s own entertainment sector.

Other plans, involving everything from state licensing of pirate platforms to the unblocking of previously blocked pirate sites, would’ve been comical had it not been for the death and destruction wreaked in Ukraine. And then there were those crazy stories about Russia’s…

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