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IMDb Struggles with Persistent Movie ‘Piracy’ Problem * TorrentFreak

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Copyright holders are repeatedly flagging IMDb URLs for alleged copyright infringement. Historically, these DMCA notices were mostly sent in error, flagging legitimate IMDb listings. More recently, however, the takedowns are being triggered by a persistent ‘piracy’ spam problem that tricks both rightsholders and opportunistic pirates alike.

imdb logoFounded in 1990, the Internet Movie Database, commonly known as IMDb, is one of the oldest online repositories.

The service predates the World Wide Web and was initially launched as the Usenet group “rec.arts.movies”. Three years later, it moved to the web in the form of the now widely known

Ever since, the site has served multiple generations of video fans. Today, it is owned by Amazon and despite the many alternatives that currently exist, millions of people continue to use it regularly.

IMDB’s Piracy Problem

As an information resource, IMDb is broadly used by film and TV fans of all ilks. The site…

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