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In Indonesia, Women Pirate More Music and Movies Than Men * TorrentFreak

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Piracy was traditionally seen as something that predominantly young males were interested in. This is a largely outdated representation of reality, as girls and women began to catch up a long time ago. In some countries, including Indonesia, more women pirate music, movies, and TV-shows than their male counterparts.

indonesianindonesianAt the start of the last decade, The Pirate Bay teamed up with Sweden’s Lund University to conduct the largest online piracy survey in history.

The research elicited responses from 75,000 ‘pirates’ from all parts of the world. Despite this geographical diversity, a rather traditional gender pattern appeared. Of all respondents, only 5% were female.

These findings were rather extreme but they fit the old stereotypical image of ‘the online pirate’ as a young, somewhat nerdy male. While that might have been relatively accurate 25 years ago, piracy audiences are much more diverse today.

Recent studies have shown more diverse age…

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