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Inside a Live Pirate IPTV Blocking Order Protecting UEFA’s Champions League * TorrentFreak

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Football bodies and broadcasters including the Premier League, Sky and UEFA, recently obtained permission to continue their ISP blocking programs to limit access to pirate IPTV streams. While almost no information relating to these secret processes appears in public, today we’re able to take a look inside one of several blocking orders active right now in Europe.

computers-sOver the past few weeks, football organizations and broadcasters around Europe have been obtaining and/or renewing permission to block access to unlicensed online streams.

The Premier League obtained an injunction extension late July, and was closely followed by pay-TV broadcaster Sky which had specific IPTV providers in mind for its blocking measures. The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) also obtained a High Court blocking injunction last month, after obtaining similar permission in previous years.

The details of these orders, and others obtained by broadcasters…

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