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IP Addresses and Server Locations Blocked Since Launch * TorrentFreak

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After dismissing concerns that overblocking needed to be taken more seriously, those behind Italy’s Piracy Shield system pressed ahead regardless. After one major overblocking incident was branded ‘fake news’ and a bigger one wasn’t addressed at all, promised transparency has also ground to a halt. Data obtained by TorrentFreak shows that the ten domains made available to the public, have led to domains and IP addresses being blocked in their thousands.

Logo piracy shieldLogo piracy shieldThere’s rarely a shortage of conflict and controversy in the perpetual online piracy wars.

For some, the David versus Goliath imagery, of ordinary people fighting faceless corporations, will never get old. For others, the right of creators to receive fair compensation for their work is non-negotiable; it puts food on the table, literally.

Yet spend enough time digesting every possible detail presented by those shouting most loudly about piracy, and it becomes increasingly…

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