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‘IP House’ Takes Global IP & Anti-Piracy Protection to a New Level * TorrentFreak

ip house logoSeven years ago, a new global anti-piracy coalition emerged under the umbrella of the Motion Picture Association (MPA).

The Alliance for Entertainment and Creativity (ACE) bundled the powers and pockets of dozens of entertainment companies; many more followed in the years after.

While skeptics may have doubted the launch of yet another anti-piracy group, ACE was and is a grand success. The group has industry members and law enforcement contacts all over the globe, allowing it to pool intelligence and take action more effectively than before.

The group didn’t defeat piracy. However, it took down several key players including the original 123movies, Openload, Rapidvideo, Vader Streams, many Cuevanas, and pirate release group EVO, to name a few.

IP House Opens Doors

These actions were coordinated under the lead of MPA’s chief global anti-piracy director Jan Van Voorn, whose name also appeared prominently in over a hundred subpoena requests that were filed on behalf of ACE….

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