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IPTV Anti-Piracy Threats May Increase Male Motivation to Pirate By 30% * TorrentFreak

RipperRipperIf it was possible to recall and then count every anti-piracy campaign targeted at the UK public since the dawn of the VCR, the answer would be of interest to us, because we have absolutely no idea.

But maybe volume isn’t particularly important. Perhaps a better question would be this: Has an anti-piracy campaign targeting the public in the last 40+ years ever actually worked?

Those who guessed “yes” are absolutely right, well done. Those who guessed “no” are absolutely right too. There are no losers in this game because it’s all about framing.

No Anti-Piracy Campaign Has Ever Failed

Since anti-piracy campaigns cost money, it is incredibly rare for anyone to admit that their campaign didn’t work. It’s much more likely that an apparently unsuccessful campaign finds itself celebrated as the campaign that prevented things from getting even more out of hand than they already were. You see, while it’s always been about framing, it’s always been about timing too….

You can read the full Torrent Freak article here

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