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IPTV Piracy & Billions in Losses Challenge ‘Netflix of Sport’ * TorrentFreak

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After a limited launch in 2016, DAZN’s promise to provide affordable access to live and on-demand sports content was hotly anticipated. When DAZN announced the death of PPV, fans were ecstatic, and piracy was rendered less relevant. After introducing PPVs and doubling its prices, DAZN was unveiled this week as the latest member of ACE, the world’s leading anti-piracy coalition.

daznWith pirate IPTV services first seeping and then exploding into the mainstream around 2016/17, the launch of streaming service DAZN provided hope of a viable alternative.

Initially made available in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Japan, DAZN’s mission to provide affordable access to live and on-demand sports content was exactly what fans had been crying out for. Having grown tired of waiting, millions had already switched to pirate IPTV services but with a new approach, fresh-faced DAZN might even begin to win some back.

We are basically saying pay-per-view sucks


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