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Is it Illegal to Use Pirate Streaming Sites? * TorrentFreak

watch nowThere are many options for people to enjoy movies and TV shows legally but millions still choose to pirate content instead.

Up until a decade ago, this piracy landscape was dominated by torrent sites and direct download portals. Today, the vast majority of pirates use streaming sites.

The entertainment industries have swiftly adapted to this shift. At the moment, most anti-piracy initiatives are streaming-related, spearheaded by the Alliance of Creativity and Entertainment (ACE). These efforts have resulted in the shutdown of hundreds of sites already.

Despite the successes, many challenges remain as well. In a recent appearance on Reuters, MPA’s Senior Executive Vice President Karyn Temple points out that pirates can be pretty creative too. Especially when it comes to evading law enforcement.

“The illegal pirates that we deal with and have to go after are almost as creative, in some sense, as our own creators,” Temple says. “They try to take advantage of new technology…

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