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ISP Bill Payers Aren’t Piracy Police or Instantly Liable * TorrentFreak

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When settlement-focused rightsholders spot a pirated movie being shared, they want to hold someone liable. Internet bill payers are regular targets, also in Canada where a movie studio painted 30 subscribers as ‘authorizers’ of movie piracy on BitTorrent. Hopes of a favorable ruling at the Supreme Court are now dead after the studio’s appeal was denied. In its place, greater clarity for bill payers and an increased evidential burden for piracy settlement factories.

voltage rejection supreme courtVoltage Pictures and parent Voltage Holdings are among the most active companies in the file-sharing settlement market, and by now, the model is well known.

1. Begin by monitoring BitTorrent swarms where the companies’ movies are being shared without authorization.

2. After capturing the IP addresses and other relevant data relating to alleged infringers, persuade a court to order local ISPs to hand over their customers’ personal details.

3. Apply pressure until the…

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