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ISP Must Unmask Alleged Pirates But Rightsholders Can’t ‘Harass’ Them * TorrentFreak

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Internet provider Frontier Communications must share the personal details of subscribers with movie and music companies, as part of two ongoing piracy liability lawsuits. The ISP previously redacted the sensitive information, citing privacy concerns, but the court finds that, with proper safeguards, the interests of copyright holders weigh stronger.

pirate-flagIn recent years, music and movie companies have filed several lawsuits against U.S. Internet providers, for failing to take action against pirating subscribers.

One of the main allegations is that ISPs fail to terminate the accounts of repeat infringers in ‘appropriate circumstances’, as the DMCA requires.

These lawsuits have resulted in multi-million dollar judgments against Cox and Grande. Meanwhile, more companies are at risk too, including Frontier Communications, which emerged from bankruptcy three years ago.

Frontier vs. Movie and Music Companies

Frontier is fighting not one,…

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