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ISPs Say They’ll Happily Cut Pirate IPTV Streams as Quickly as Law Allows It * TorrentFreak

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Today’s symbiotic relationship between content providers and ISPs, often includes the latter selling access to partners’ entertainment products. That’s a far cry from the situation two decades ago when very little content was made available online and ISPs’ customers were viewed as the enemy. In a recent interview, an ISP that fought for seven years to prevent the imposition of piracy filtering and blocking said it’s ready to cut pirate IPTV streams as quickly as the law allows.

iptv2-sIn the early 2000s, powerful entertainment industry groups were demanding action to prevent “wholesale theft” of their content online, much of it at the hands of regular customers of the world’s ISPs.

That very little content was available to buy legally online not only helped to fuel the crisis, in this underdeveloped market many ISPs still had just one key product to sell; internet access and the bandwidth it consumed. Broadly speaking, ISPs were…

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