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iTunes DRM Removal is Irrelevant for Piracy Liability Lawsuit * TorrentFreak

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Over a decade ago the major record labels agreed to remove DRM from music on Apple’s iTunes Store. ISP RCN believes that this move may have increased piracy and wants to know who was involved in this decision, to aid its defense in an ongoing piracy liability lawsuit. The New Jersey federal court has now rejected this request, noting that the DRM removal issue is irrelevant.

itunes-logoIn 2019, several major music companies filed a lawsuit against Internet provider RCN. Helped by the RIAA, they argued that the ISP turned a blind eye to pirating subscribers.

The lawsuit is in many regards similar to the ones against other ISPs, such as Cox, Grande, and Charter, which were all accused of failing to terminate the accounts of repeat infringers.

How Internet providers respond to these allegations also shows quite a bit of overlap. Most have attacked the piracy evidence that was collected by companies such as Rightscorp and MarkMonitor, for example….

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