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Jake Paul PPV Boxing Piracy Amnesty Misled The Public, Lawsuit Claims * TorrentFreak

TrillerTrillerIn a matter of weeks, the controversial Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren PPV boxing event will turn three years old and still be remembered for all that went wrong.

After the H3 Podcast aired a short clip of the event on YouTube, featuring a fight that lasted just 119 seconds, Triller filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against creators Ethan and Hila Klein. Even today, it still seems nowhere near done.

What began as a fairly bitter and personal affair has left both sides with little to celebrate since the lawsuit was filed in 2021. With no obvious benefit beyond money for the overall winner, not losing face down on the canvas appears to be the only discernible prize.

Convoluted Lawsuit Finds Knockout Punch Elusive

More detailed background on the case is available here. In summary, H3 says that when it showed the fight along with biting commentary on YouTube, that was fair use, even though the video shown was sourced from a pirated copy of the PPV event.

For its part, Triller…

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