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Japan’s Largest Manga Piracy Site Shuts Down Following Cloudflare Probe * TorrentFreak

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Japan’s largest manga piracy site 13DL is no more. The site closed its doors shortly after a DMCA subpoena required CDN provider Cloudflare to uncover the identity of the site’s operator. Anti-piracy group CODA says that Cloudflare has yet to hand over the information but, together with publishers and ‘ethical hackers’, the group will do everything in its power to hold the site owner responsible.

bad 13dlManga comics are popular around the globe in a content category that has seen piracy grow significantly in recent years.

This popularity is also apparent in manga’s home country Japan, where several dedicated pirate sites are active.

Publishers are working hard to counter this trend and last month they turned to a U.S. court for help. Working with the Japanese anti-piracy group CODA, manga publisher Shueisha obtained a DMCA subpoena that required Cloudflare to uncover the identities of several pirate site operators. Folds

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