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Japan’s Pirate Manga Site ‘Leak’ Isn’t a Failure, It’s Potential Education * TorrentFreak

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The popularity of Japanese manga comics fuels rampant online piracy on a massive scale, with some sites generating more traffic than the largest movie piracy platforms. A list of pirate manga sites, accidentally ‘leaked’ on a government website, was quickly taken down recently after causing excitement on social media. On one hand that’s understandable; on the other it might be a missed opportunity.

bleachmangaMulti-point, ongoing collisions between rightsholders, pirate sites, pirates and copyright law, are what fuel our daily reporting. The pumps rarely run dry for long in these wars.

The polarized nature of the debate, which regularly pits decent law-abiding content creators against shadowy thieves hiding in the recesses of the web, is good for headlines but a hopeless anti-piracy tool.

Casual pirates, who represent the majority, routinely dismiss this type of messaging as either completely untrue or blatant propaganda. Yet when unfiltered piracy information leaks…

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