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“John Doe” Accuses BitTorrent Copyright Troll of Using Menacing Pressure Tactics * TorrentFreak

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A man accused of downloading adult movies via BitTorrent has hit back at ‘copyright troll’ Strike 3 Holdings. In a filing at the federal court of Maryland, the defendant denies any wrongdoing. Instead, he accuses Strike 3 of contempt of court, as a process server allegedly pressured him into a settlement negotiation, violating a court order.

carOver the past years, adult entertainment company Strike 3 Holdings has filed thousands of cases in US federal courts.

These lawsuits target people whose Internet connections were allegedly used to download and share copyright-infringing content via BitTorrent.

This practice is often described as “copyright trolling” and the cases almost never go to trial. Instead, they are typically resolved with settlements, where those accused agreed to pay a sum of money to have the case dismissed.

Preventing Misuse

In recent years courts have grown weary of this legal scheme. Some no longer accept these…

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