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Judge Recommends $150k Piracy Judgment Against Torrent Site Operator * TorrentFreak

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The makers of the film “Hellboy” have scored a preliminary victory in Hawaii’s federal court. After a three-year legal battle, Magistrate Judge Kenneth Mansfield now recommends granting a $150,000 default judgment against the foreign operator of the defunct torrent site MKVCage.

hellboyUp until a few years ago, MKVCage was a popular torrent portal that also uploaded its torrents on other sites.

This ended abruptly when the makers of the superhero film “Hellboy” took the site’s operator to court the summer of 2019.

Movie company “HB Productions” accused the site and its Pakistani operator Muhammad Faizan of promoting and distributing pirated copies of the movie, hoping that this would put an end to the activity. And indeed it did.

The lawsuit had an almost immediate effect as the torrent site became unreachable soon after the case went public. At the same time, MKVCage stopped pushing torrents to other sites as well. This meant that…

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