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Judge Recommends $83 Million ‘Piracy’ Damages Award Against YouTube Rippers * TorrentFreak

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In a detailed report and recommendation, Virginia Magistrate Judge Theresa Buchanan concludes that the RIAA is entitled to more than $82 million in piracy damages from YouTube rippers FLVTO and 2Conv. The sites and their Russian operator are liable for willful and repeated copyright infringement, which resulted in significant losses for the music industry.

2convThe major record labels believe that YouTube rippers are the most significant piracy threat on the Internet.

These sites, which can be used for a variety of purposes, are used by some to convert free YouTube videos into MP3s.

The RIAA and several of its members have taken legal action to curb this threat. They previously sued YouTube-MP3, the world’s largest ripping site at the time, which resulted in the site shutting down in 2017. and Lawsuit

A year later, the music industry hoped to achieve the same with and The sites’ Russian owner Tofig…

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