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JW Player Suffers Severe Traffic Loss After Dynamic Piracy Blocking Blunder * TorrentFreak

jw playerjw playerJW Player was born around 2005 as an open source project, taking its name from the initials of main developer, Jeroen Wijering.

During the mid to late 2,000s, most people who consumed video online encountered JW Player at least once; before Google bought YouTube, JW Player was YouTube’s video player of choice.

According to the GitHub repo for the non-commercial version of JW Player, it can now be found on two million sites with a combined 1.3 billion plays per month.

On the commercial side, the New York-based company says it works with over 40,000 broadcasters, publishers, and other video-driven brands, which together generate 8 billion video impressions/month and 5 billion minutes of video watched/month.

The company’s clients include the likes of Fox, Sky, and Eurosport but thanks to a blunder that never should’ve happened, JW Player was labeled a “rogue site” last September and 2,700 Indian ISPs were ordered to immediately block it.

ISP Blocking Requested to Protect…

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