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Kentucky Pirate IPTV Lawsuit Heads For $5.7m Damages in a Parallel Universe * TorrentFreak

psychedelic2In October 2021 when DISH Network filed yet another lawsuit against a pair of IPTV sellers in the United States, nothing stood out as particularly unusual.

The lawsuit named Kevin Hibdon and James Meadows, the alleged operators of Louisville Media Box, a local one-stop-shop catering to the community’s pirate IPTV needs.

Based on a simple Google search, the good people of Kentucky and indeed residents of any town or city on the planet, would’ve had no problem finding the business. It dominates search results, even today.


It’s possible that DISH Network discovered Hibdon and Meadows using a search engine, but it would make for a much better story had they’d heard or seen local celebrity @ShannonTheDude promoting the business on 95.7 QMF and 100.1 WKQQ weekdays 3-7pm and Kentucky Sports Radio 9-noon. Or on Twitter.

DISH and Sling Spoil the Party

On October 28, 2021, DISH and partner Sling filed a complaint at a Western District of Kentucky court. Targeting Hibdon and…

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