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Kim Dotcom Can’t Prevent NZ Govt. Sending Hard Drives & Passwords to FBI * TorrentFreak

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Kim Dotcom’s latest bid to prevent the New Zealand government from handing over his hard drives and passwords to the FBI has failed. In 2022, the High Court said the devices could be sent to the United States to assist in Dotcom’s criminal prosecution there. Following Dotcom’s inevitable appeal, the Court of Appeal has now dismissed the proceedings.

dotcom-kimDefying even the broadest definition of ‘justice’ or even basic common sense, more than 12 years after his initial arrest, Kim Dotcom is still fighting the New Zealand government on every detail of his case.

Given that the booby prize for not doing so is an all-expenses-paid trip to the United States, few could blame him. But why this has been allowed to drag on for so long can only be answered by New Zealand’s government.

Whether Dotcom is eventually found innocent or guilty, justice needs to be seen to be done. There’s no denying Dotcom’s significant contribution to undermining…

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