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Kim Dotcom Expects New Raid & Bail Revocation After “Secret Orders” Issued in U.S. * TorrentFreak

kim fugitiveDuring a telephone call with Kim Dotcom, following the unprecedented raids that dismantled his Megaupload file-hosting empire in 2012, the tech entrepreneur insisted that this was no ordinary case.

It wasn’t just a massively scaled-up version of piracy raids we’d reported on dozens of times before either.

This prosecution had high-level politics not just at its core, but running so pervasively throughout that every twisted fiber had become inseparable from the corrupt corridors of power, Dotcom said. From the political goals of Joe Biden and the Democrats, to the importance of Hollywood support in a post-SOPA reality, much was at stake.

Dotcom Fights Back, Embraces Politics

Over twelve years later, the politics of the ‘Megaupload conspiracy’ are very much alive and for that, Dotcom shoulders much of the credit. The actions of U.S. and New Zealand authorities may have determined that path initially but, since then, Dotcom has done everything his power to ensure that his…

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