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Kiwi Farms’ Copyright Battle Could Spell Bad News for DMCA Transparency * TorrentFreak

kiwikiwiKiwi Farms is an online forum with a reputation for mocking and harassing people, actions that have been linked to several tragic deaths.

In response to the barrage of negative news, several third-party providers including DreamHost, DDoS-Guard and Cloudflare have all banned the site.

These voluntary curation actions are just the tip of the iceberg. Behind the scenes, many other services refused to work with the controversial site. Hurricane Electric, a Tier 1 Internet backbone provider, reportedly refused to pass on the site’s traffic across the Internet.

It’s no surprise that companies want to distance themselves from the highly controversial forum. However, it’s a slippery slope when backbone providers start to censor speech on their own accord. Ideally, such restrictive measures should be backed by a court order.

None of the cases referenced above went before a court but Kiwi Farms and its founder Joshua Moon were sued for copyright infringement. A person who was…

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