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La Liga Asked GitHub to Shut Down Football Streaming App ‘Nodito’ * TorrentFreak

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A few days ago, the Spanish Football League La Liga asked GitHub to remove the popular pirate live-streaming app Nodito from its servers. The request targets the tip of an iceberg as the app remains widely available elsewhere. The recent takedown notice is part of an ongoing whack-a-mole game where scammers have also entered the field.

noditoWith millions of fans all over the world, Spanish football league ‘La Liga’ is one of the most popular in the game.

In common with similar sports organizations, La Liga has a dedicated anti-piracy team that actively tracks and reports unauthorized live streams.

This sounds like a straightforward task but, in reality, it often turns into a perpetual stream of takedown notices. After all, the operators of piracy sites and apps have no intention of abiding by the law and pull out all the stops to avoid getting caught.

La Liga vs. Nodito

A recent takedown notice from La Liga illustrates this problem quite well. A few days…

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