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LaLiga “Talks to Google” About Deleting Piracy Apps From a Million Phones * TorrentFreak

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On Saturday the head of LaLiga spoke of the piracy challenges faced by top-tier Spanish football. Javier Tebas said in the first five days of the new season, LaLiga ‘eliminated” 58 pirate apps with over a million downloads in Spain. He said that LaLiga is now talking to Google about “locating” the apps already downloaded on users’ phones so they too can be “eliminated”. If it can be done for child abuse images, then it can be done for piracy tools too, Tebas said.

destroyAn event organized by Spanish football league LaLiga took place at the Museum of Arts and Sciences of Valencia yesterday.

LaLiga were joined at “Fight Against Piracy in Sporting Events” by Víctor Francos Díaz, Spain’s recently appointed Secretary of State for Sports and president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), and MEP Iban García del Blanco.

Citing data recently published by the European Intellectual Property Office, which found that piracy in the EU grew by 3.3 % in 2022, the…

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