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LaLiga & Telefónica ‘Live IPTV Blocking’ Also Targets Millions of Torrents * TorrentFreak

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Spanish football league LaLiga and and Telefónica-owned Movistar Plus+ have the authority to instruct local ISPs to block sites that allow people to view live matches for free, although which ones isn’t always clear. A blocklist published by a local media outlet recently suggests that, in addition to targeting streaming platforms, the companies are also trying to disrupt millions of torrents.

footballISP blocking injunctions that aim to prevent regular internet users from accessing pirate sites are heavily utilized by the largest media companies.

Early targets included pirate sites offering movie and TV shows but today the emphasis is on preventing access to live TV streams, sports broadcasts in particular. Since live streams are more challenging to block than static websites, courts appear keen to give rightsholders additional flexibility and in many cases, subject them to limited oversight.

LaLiga & Movistar Plus+ Blocking in Spain


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